Assignment # 4

Integrated Technology

Lesson # 1
Grade Level: Middle School
Subject: Nutrition
Title: Fast Food Fun

This lesson uses the Internet and spreadsheets to find calories and fat in a typical fast food meal. Students visit the site of a fast food restaurant and log the calories in a certain meal. Students enter their findings into an Excel spreadsheet and compare them with other meals. Students are looking for information like total calories and percentage of fat in the meal. Next, students are to visit the site of U.S. Department of Agriculture and get information to find out how to balance what they eat with physical activity and choosing diets that are low in fat. The last part of the assignment has the students using Microsoft Word to write a report of their findings.

Lesson # 2
Grade Level: Middle School
Subject: Health
Title: The Story of Milk

In this lesson, students use technology to learn about how milk comes from the cow to their homes. Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources. In this assignment, they use Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. Students take a virtual tour at: to learn about all the steps needed to get the milk from the cow to you.

Lesson # 3
Grade Level: 4th Grade
Subject: Language Arts
Title: Using Microsoft Word to report on the 2002 Olympics

This Lesson uses technology to work on reporting skills. Students use Kidspiration for outlining, Word for writing, the internet for researching, and Excel to take student polls and to make graphs. The site lists the lesson and a tutorial of how to present the lesson. The teacher uses videos and a smart board to model the lesson. It is a very extensive lesson that covers many language arts benchmarks.

Assignment # 5


Article 1: Blog Basics

This article talks about what blogs are, educational benefits of blogs, and how they are used in the classroom. This article talks about the user friendly format and can be used by teachers to create a classroom that extends beyond the boundaries of the school yard.


Article 2: weblogs: a history and perspective
This article discusses the history of blogs. Dated in the year 2000, it talks about blogging beginning in 1997 and has a lot of technical terminology and information noting the evolution of blogging. Starting as weblogs, this article talks about the similarities to web pages and its easy to use format.

Article 3: Gated blogs for the classroom
This article is an informational site that discusses the many uses of blogs. It talks about using them as links to other web sites, news articles, pictures. It shows how people use blogs to look something up or allows people to write, react, and share by using the internet.

Article 4: How to use blogs in the classroom
This site focuses on how to use and not use blogs in the classroom setting. This article shows how using blogs connect students to one another and others outside the classroom, using networks to promote reading, writing, and critical thinking.

Article 5: Blogs in Education
This article gives a definition of blogs and centers on them providing a communication link between students and teachers beyond the classroom. It has links to other sites focusing on educational values and ideas for teacher applications.


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Assignment # 7

Favorite Websites:
This website has up to date information, a great adapted physical education section, and lesson plan ideas.
I use this site for health class. It has lesson plan ideas, whole units, and streaming videos for many topics.
This is one of my personal favorite sites for up to date sports news, scores, and fantasy sports.

Assignment # 8

Educational Game Tool:
This website has a variety of already made Jeopardy games for the classroom. What I like to use the site for is the blank game template option. I have used it to make Health Jeopardy games.