Discussion Question 1

What do you know about using technology with students?
What do you want to know about using technology with students?

I use a web page, computer labs, and a projector in my classroom for instruction. I know how to teach students how to use word processors, power points, and the internet to research and complete assignments. I have computer lab assignments that require students to use these technologies.

I would like to learn how to better use power points by adding in photos, videos, links, and effects to better presentations. I would also like to learn more about wiki's and other collaboration software for students to be more involved with technology inside and outside of the classroom.

Discussion Question 2

Look at the Essential 21st Century Skills List - Select one skill and discuss how you already meet this skill via your current instruction.
Information and Media Literacy Skills—Analyzing, accessing, managing, integrating, evaluating, and creating information in a variety of forms and media

This skill is met in my current instruction through assignments that students are required to use information, class discussion, the internet, group work, and word processing software to complete them while learning important skills.

Select another Essential 21st Century Skill that you may NOT already touch upon and project how you might be able to meet that need in future instruction.

Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills—Demonstrating teamwork and leadership; adapting to varied roles and responsibilities; working productively with others; exercising empathy; respecting diverse perspectives

This is a skill I would like to improve on in my classroom. I think I do well with respecting diverse perspectives, but would like to improve on collaborative skills. I have attended TRIBES inservices, but have not taken the TRIBES course. I plan on completing this course to improve these skills when I am finished with my technology degree. I will have more experience and knowledge with being able to incorporate this into to my classroom.

Discussion Question 3 - to be done one week after the Weekend One

Find a TeacherTube/YouTube video that you could use for instructional purposes and copy and paste the address of the video for others to view. Explain how you would use this with your students.

Physical Education Video on Life Long Fitness


I would use this video in physical education. Life Long Fitness is the main component of physical education and is stressed in our program. Life Long Fitness is a main part of the vocabulary and understanding that we want our students to leave Bay View with. I would first have students describe what they think Life Long Fitness is and ways they may use it, or ways their parents do. We would then watch the video. Afterwards, I would have them re-think their explanation and see if they were correct. They would then brainstorm how they plan on carrying out Life Long Fitness to their adult life and think about ways their parents may already participate in Life Long Fitness. Examples: Running, Softball, Golf, Bowling, Biking, etc... We would then look at the benefits of exercise, healthy diets, and Life Long Fitness activities.

Discussion Question 4 - to be done Saturday/Weekend Two

To complete the KWHL- what have you learned from the readings, activities and discussions from this course about using technology with your students?
Please reflect upon at least one other students' entry and add your comments as a subthread to their message.

Activity 5: Rubric Creating (Chapter 2: Providing Feedback)

Chapter Summary review: Chapter 4

Power Point Game: Physical Education Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Discussion Question 4 - to be done Saturday/Weekend Two

To complete the KWHL- what have you learned from the readings, activities and discussions from this course about using technology with your students?

I have gained many new ideas and strategies for using technology in my classroom. I am very interested in technology and find it very useful for my classroom. Throughout this program I have found many different ways to implement it in physical education and health. In the past I have found it difficult to incorporate technology into my lessons when I spend the majority of my classes in a gym or playing field focusing on life long fitness. There didn’t seem to be much room for computers, smart boards, and technology. I had always tried to get my classes into the computer lab and have had a web page for quite some time. Since I have been in this program, I am not only finding many ways to incorporate technology, but found it has enhanced my lessons and student interest as well. This class has given me many new strategies and uses of the internet to improve my program. I have used web based programs such as wiki’s, survey monkey, video streaming, interactive games, and evaluation tools. I feel the most important things I am taking from this program are realizing that I don’t need to be a “master techie” to be able to use these tools, and how valuable collaboration programs are to student achievement. With my classes meeting every other day and not much lab time available, I have found that collaboration tools are very productive for students to work with peers by using things like wiki’s and flash drives to complete group projects without even being in the same room or even at school, during school hours. I look forward to learning many more skills throughout this program.