Assignment # 1

10 Websites for use of IPODS in the Classroom

1. Ipods in the Classroom.
This is a site for K-12 technology leaders. It is a question and answer format that discusses educational possibilities for the ipod. A point that interested me was the use of podcasts and ipods to bring students who missed class up to speed.
2. Transform Your Classroom with an IPOD.
This site has many different uses and ideas for the use of an ipod in the classroom. There are many categories to research and explore, including a very in depth Teachers Tools section that gives teachers ideas, tutorials, and links to helpful software and websites. It even has a link to podcasts for educators, which helps teachers learn how to use and incorporate into the classroom.
3. Ipods in the Classroom.
In this wiki, the author posts comments, a video, and links to the educational uses of ipods. Some of the links include an itouch overview and an educational guide. The educational guide is directly from apple and is a very information presentation of the uses of ipods in the classroom.
4. Using iPods in the Classroom Promotes Interactive Learning and More Effective Studying.
In this site, they talk about the benefits of ipods in schools. They started in music and foreign language classes. The talk about the incentive of students wanting to be more apt to take on courses they normally wouldn’t.
5. Classroom uses for Ipods and Itunes.
This article talks about many uses for ipods and itunes. It has applications for teachers and explores the possibilities of the microphone and its uses for the ipod. It also explores audiobooks and podcasts.
6. Using Ipods in the classroom.
This wiki has lesson plan ideas and links submitted by teachers that have used ipods in the classroom.
7. Ipods in the Classroom.
This site talks about when ipods were first integrated for educational use at Duke University. They talk about how students studied more due to the convenience of the ipod.
8. Ipods in a Classroom: My Observation.
This is a site that talks about observing a class using ipods during class. It talks about students listen to music while learning. He talks about ipods even working in direct instruction. Other teachers reply with their experiences of using them in the classroom.
9. Ipods in the Classroom Project.
This website talks about a district that incorporated ipods into their curriculum. The teachers were trained on how to implement the use of ipods for classroom instruction. The site is a resource site for teachers. It offers 25 downloadable lesson plans for many different classes.
10. Grand Prairie schools welcome ipods in classrooms.
This article talks about a school district that bought 321 ipods for their classrooms through a technology grant. They talk about educational uses and benefits for them. It even talks about specific units and finished products. One lesson is integrated through three different classes. The music, art and physical education teamed up for a lesson about planets using hula hoops. With a camcorder, they recorded planets, designed by the art teacher, rotating around the hoops. The music teacher edited the video that students later watched on their iPods.

Assignment # 2
5 AHA moments from other WIKIS

Josh's WIKI:
I thought it was interesting that the AVID students in this school used an itouch in all their classes for note taking, agendas, and researching the internet anytime at school.


Jim's WIKI:
I liked the pedometer option talked about in this article. It would be useful for physical education.

Jim's WIKI:
This article had good information on the educational use of WII's and other devices in physical education.

Jesse's WIKI:
I liked the apps for teachers and quiz creating possibilities.

Ryan's WIKI:
I think it is interesting how this article talks about ipods being as valuable as pencils and calculators in the classroom.

Assignment # 3

Subscribe to and show a podcast to my class.

Podcast to show to students in class:

The latest news on the HINI vaccine.
Dr. Sanjay Gupta tackles topics in the health care reform debate. Plus the latest news on H1N1.

Assignment # 4

Unit Plan

Assignment # 5

Teacher Podcast: How to access and navigate the Bay View Physical Education web site.

Student Podcast: Basketball Skills Test - Correct form for a left handed lay-up.